HIGH VALUE Transpor­tation

high value

At least €8.2 billion  per year is the resulting damage of thefts within the supply chain, according to Berg Insight, Gartner and TAPA. Agheera as an experienced and reliable partner in Telematics Data Consolidation and as an Independent Service Provider supports your company and customers to minimize risk of theft and increase visibility of your high value transportation.

Transportation of high value goods with high risk of theft, such as tobacco, electrical appliances and technology, needs special safety and monitoring solution who supports a wide range of sensor technologies and telematics systems Agheera High Value Goods solution is built for this purpose!

  • Generation of corridor geofence along the shipment route
  • Receive notifications if the shipment leaves the planned route
  • Minimize likelihood that a risk event leads to a disruption of your supply chain
  • Minimize negative impact of risks on your financials and customers service levels




The real-time tracking and telematics data can be combined with defined routes and trip data to bring you the operational helicopter view in terms of transport position, secure routes and parking. Alerts and notifications can be set based on customized triggers (door open/closed, exiting corridor geofence).
Agheera Cloud Solution Platform can be integrated via API into any ERP or TMS system and is compatible with any telematics system used by your shipper, subcontractor and logistics partner.



  • Risk mitigation and intervention management
  • Integrated visibility of your high value cargo
  • One view for a wide range of telematics systems and sensors


  • GPS and Sensor Real-time Monitoring
  • Notification when vehicle leaves the secure lane or driver makes an unscheduled stop
  • Trip status, ETA notification and sensor notification (Door open/closed, Ignition and more)
  • Arrival, Delayed and In Transit notification
  • Customized reporting solution for KPI Management