Temperature Tracking

Integrity and control over transport conditions are crucial requirements in the strictly regulated Life Sciences and Health Care industry. Due to the biochemical nature of pharmaceuticals strict temperature controlling is a decisive parameter during distribution. Hence, real-time monitoring of temperature and notifications about breaches of given ranges during transport will put you in control and enable to act ahead.

But how to comfortably access data in complex supply chains with multiple subcontracted vendors applying numerous and not standardized technologies? Agheera as an integrator provides the needed information right into your own planning tools and systems. Track.Agheera is the reliable and secure solution for your temperature sensitive goods.

Agheera’s Real Time Tracking solution enables temperature monitoring and active threshold management throughout the entire transport of temperature sensitive goods.
  • Maximum visibility on temperature and geographical status of Life Science Health Care shipments
  • Temperature protocol online and documentation of temperature history
  • Set shipment specific temperature thresholds & receive alerts if limits were reached (exception management)



  • Tracking of shipment and trip locations in real time
  • Data visibility across multiple carriers independent of telematics provider
  • Geofence creation based on (un-)loading premises and automatic generation of status events based on entering or leaving geofences
  • Customized notifications based on triggers like deviations to schedule times and/or the set temperature range
  • Optional: Provision of real time estimated time of arrival (ETA) based on actual geo location


Prior to start of transport of your temperature-controlled shipments a temperature range can be set. Agheera collects the trailer’s temperature data throughout the entire transport in real time and sends a pre-alert on approaching out of range values to enable appropriate intervention. Stakeholders can react accordingly and forward thinking to prevent damaged material or losses.

You may choose to track your shipments in real time on Agheera’s web platform, download the temperature history for single shipments or only receive notifications when deviations occur. All relevant information can also be made available right into your own planning tools.