About us

Agheera is an Telematics Solutions Provider founded in 2010 as GmbH. The company is a subsidiary of Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) and has its roots at DHL Innovation Center

We provide real-time visibility services and Telematics Consolidation Solution to industry customers and logistics companies.

The Track.Agheera cloud solution gathers and bundles all positioning systems and data, regardless of the source, used technology or manufacturer on a central cloud platform and ensures reliable bi- directional exchange with customer solutions, company’s planning tools and third-party systems.

Due our open Interface Concept our Solution is adaptable for all SCM and TMS-Systems.

Agheera operates and maintains, in addition to 750 connected transport companies, more than 250 interfaces to the most important telematics service providers in Europe and World, embedded in Agheera´s platform.

Our focus is on process effectiveness through the bi-directional connection of transport management solutions and the implementation of other systems such as scanners, mobile driver apps, and others.
Agheera reduce complexity and increase visibility with a practice-proven-solution inside a complex and fast-growing Logistic Business environment. Field proven by the biggest names in logistics.


Agheera’s telematics consolidation solution gathers real-time tracking data from various stakeholders in the supply chain including forwarders, logistics service providers, haulers and subcontractors. The aggregated raw data is consolidated to valuable information that can be transferred to the company’s planning tools and can be monitored on the cloud-based Track.Agheera telematics platform. Additional they can be displayed on live execution boards with real time updates to support the supply chain regime. Based on our Open Interface Concept Agheera´s Solution is adaptable for all SCM and TMS-Systems.